Important Note for Candidates Applying to the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Master's Program

The written exam will be held face to face on Friday, June 16, between 14:30-17:30.

Location: EF 116, Faculty of Education, North Campus


The written exam will be in an open-ended format. Questions will be asked mainly from the subjects of “research, theory and ethics”. The language of the exam is English, but the language of the exam will be Turkish for candidates who will enter the preparatory English quota. All applicants will be admitted to the written exam if they meet the minimum application requirements. The list of candidates for the oral exam will be announced after 17:00 on 20 June.

If you have a request for an accomodation  in the exam regarding your disability, please contact Research Assistant Merve Başat:

Monday, June 12, 2023