The Pyschoeducational Lab in the Educational Sciences Department was opened to use in 2009. The lab consist of three separate rooms including one big and one small room, both of which are soundproof and have one-way mirrors on one wall,  and also a technical control room which contains the equipment to observe and record the sessions that take place in the rooms with one-way mirrors. The lab is actively used in undergraduate and graduate courses such as counseling skills, group counseling, internship, and psychological assessment. For instance, in the skills courses, roleplay sessions among students usually take place in the small room. As the practice session takes place, the camera and microphone in the session room transmit the images and sounds synchronously onto the screen in the main room. In this way, the rest of the class can watch the role-play session (and also the supervision that takes place right after the session in most cases) without distracting the client, counselor, or supervisor. After the session is over, the recordings can be reviewed in the main room that has a projector and a screen. The main room can hold up to 24 students and the small room has a capacity of 6 students. The main room also has two cameras and a microphone that could also be used upon need. Both rooms with the one-way mirror can be used for small group counseling sessions. The lab enables students to practice their counseling or assessment skills and receive active supervision in a professional manner, with the help of technology.