Özlem ÜNLÜHİSARCIKLI (Department Chair)

0090 212 359 6497
BA: Boğaziçi University, 1990
MA: Boğaziçi University, 1993
PhD: Manchester University, 1999


Research Interests: 

Adult Education; Adult Literacy; Vocational Skill Acquisiton; Workplace Learning; Prison Education


Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö. (2009). "Literacy, Learners and Laws: A Turkish case study of surviving regulation", Literacy and Numeracy Studies, 17 (3): 42-56.

Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö. (2009). "Yetişkin eğitimini gerektiren nedenler" (85-104), Yetişkin Eğitimi/Halk Eğitimi: Kapsam, Yöntem ve Uygulama (editörler: M. Uysal, A. Yıldız), Kalkedon Yayıncılık: Ankara.

Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö. (2008). "Adult and Further Education: Systematic and Historical Aspects of Non-Formal Education in Turkey" (131-150), Education in Turkey: European Studies in Education Vol. 26, (editörler: A. M. Nohl, A. Akkoyunlu-Wigley ve S. Wigley), Waxmann: Münster.

Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö. (2007). "Vocational Training through the Apprenticeship System in Turkey", World Yearbook of Education 2007: Educating the Global Workforce: Knowledge, Knowledge Work and Knowledge Workers (World Yearbook of Education Series), (editörler L. Farrell, T. Fenwick), Routledge: London and New York.

Okçabol, R., Akpınar, Y., Caner, A., Erktin, E., Gök, F., Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö. (2003). Öğretmen Yetiştirme Araştırması (Survey of Teacher Training), Eğitim Sen Yayınları: Ankara.

Ünlühisarcıklı, Ö. (2001). "Training on the job in Istanbul: A study of skills acquisition in carpentry and car-repair workshops", International Review of Education, UNESCO, Vol.47, No. 5.

Recent Projects: 

2010-continues : Developing an In-Service Training in Inclusive Classroom Practices (DISTINC) European Union, Comenius project, coordinator member.

April-November 2010 : Mid-term Evaluation of The Catch–up Education Programme by the contribution of UNICEF, project member.

2007-2008 : Education and Training for Employment - Regional MEDA Project - Production of a Comparative Analysis on Apprenticeship by the contribution of European Training Foundation (ETF), project member.

2005-2008 : Educational Activities in Turkish Prisons by the contribution of Boğaziçi University Scientific Research Project Coordination Committee, project coordinator.

2004-2006 : Teaching Adult Educators in Continuing and Higher Education (TEACH) European Union, Gruntvig project member.

1999-2004 : Laboratory Schools Project by the contribution of Faculty of Education and General Directorate of Education, project member.

ED 211 Educational Psychology
ED 282 Principles and Methods of Instruction
ED 541 Fundamentals of Adult Education
ED 546 Program Planning in Adult Education
ED 641 Comparative Adult Education